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Get the Best-Quality Second-Hand Tyres in Northland

The lockdown has been hard on all of us, and in these challenging times, it can be hard to keep up with all our financial responsibilities. Are your car’s tyres on their last legs, but you just cannot afford to have them replaced right now? Never fear: we offer the best quality second-hand tyres in Northland at a fraction of the cost of new ones.

At Mobile Tyres Northland, we make life easier for you. Our mobile tyre repair service has helped many people in Whangarei and surrounds over the years, and now we bring you another essential service to keep you on the road happily and affordably.

The Benefits of Second-Hand Tyres in Whangarei 

Whether you need a full set or just a replacement for one tyre that is too worn to be safe—or legal—we have you covered. We stock a wide range of quality second-hand tyres for all vehicle types to ensure that you still have many safe miles ahead.

  • There is no need to take chances with your safety and the safety of your loved ones because of worn tyres. We stock a wide array of top-quality second-hand tyres in Whangarei to keep you on the road and safe.

  • We test and quality check all our second-hand tyres to ensure that they are still in good condition for safe use. No matter which vehicle you drive, we have a solution that will keep you going.

  • Our convenient mobile tyre service means that we come to your home or workplace and replace your tyres for you, saving you from taking even more time out of your busy schedule. If you are within the Whangarei City limits, including the suburban areas, we come to you free of charge.


What You Can Expect from Mobile Tyres Northland Regarding Second-Hand Tyres in Whangarei


Keeping you safely on the road is what we do best. We offer a fast, friendly, and professional service that is geared to your convenience. Whether you need a new set of tyres or an emergency puncture repair, you can call on us to help.

  • We deliver an honest, high-quality service to our local community. When dealing with us, you will be pleasantly surprised at the high level of customer service that you receive from your initial contact with us until your tyre is replaced or repaired.

  • Our team of mobile tyre technicians is highly trained and experienced. Whatever your tyre issue, they are well equipped and kitted out to help you in any location. We will have you back on the road in no time at all.

  • We offer a cost-effective and competitive service to our customers. You get premium service without the hefty price tag—quick, caring, and highly professional support at an affordable price.

About Mobile Tyres Northland

We are the go-to team in Whangarei for all your tyre-related problems. Our convenient and affordable mobile service sets us apart. We have you covered, no matter where you are when you need assistance. Contact us today for more information.

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